The John Prine Christmas Party

This show is currently sold out.

The John Prine Christmas Party is a tribute to a singer-songwriter whose lyrics Bob Dylan praised as “pure Proustian existentialism,” and “Midwestern mind trips to the nth degree.”

John Prine is also one of Nathan Sloniowski’s musical heroes. So the co-founding member of The Ragged Flowers folk band and past member of Illegal Smile, a J.P. cover band, invited three rising stars to join him for a set of sing-along classics and deep cuts.

Presented over two nights in five shows in the intimate century-old surroundings of Almonte’s OVC coffee shop, The John Prine Christmas Party features Vicki Brittle, Tyler Craig, Jessica Winskell and Nathan. Come hear them as they swap songs and channel the goodwill of the season to unwrap musical gifts from a legend who earned the enduring admiration of not just Dylan but Bonnie Raitt, Gordon Lightfoot, Elvis Costello and loyal fans around the world.